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Our Mission: To produce the most trusted, secure, seamless and transparent platform to promote a decentralized world.

The Future of Web 3


NFT Solutions

NFT Solutions

The world needs your creativity, and we can’t wait to help you share your work with the world! At Kakr Labs, we’re ready to disrupt every industry and make it ready for Web 3.0


Cyto Wallet

Cyto Wallet

Cyto wallet is a next generation web3.0 wallet where you will be able to store, mint and trade your NFT tokens , Assets and collectibles without leaving the wallet ecosystem.


Buy and sell NFTs exclusively with Litecoin

Programmable NFTs via an embedded scripting language​

Residual, fixed, and many other financial capabilities

Self-custody wallet

Swap, Send & recieve LTC

Mint & Store NFT Assets

Super secure with dual factor authentication (TOTP)

Why Cyto Wallet ?

Be your own Bank

Cyto Wallet offers security, reliability and usability. With a simple design and intuitive controls, Cyto Wallet works for everyone. Now you can safely store your Litecoin and Omnilite NFTs in one place

Pay with Litecoin

Pay with Litecoin is a decentralized payment system that allows users to send, receive and store Litecoin. Cyto Wallet uses this technology to make sending and receiving payments a breeze.

Our Tech Partners


We're working hard to get the Developer Portal up and running. You'll soon be able to do a variety of things from here including accessing the API, managing your account, and modifying certain aspects of your listing.
We are happy to discuss partnerships and collaborations with companies that would like to work with us and our technologies to advance their research, marketing, or other initiatives. For more information about how we can potentially partner together, please email folks at partners@kakr.io
Applications for the BETA testing program will open on April 28th, 2023 at 10:00 AM (Pacific Time).